Monday, 1 December 2014

Smith Commission fails to give powers to tackle low pay or fuel poverty

SSP national spokesperson Colin Fox said  that the Smith proposals were “underwhelming” and did nothing to tackle key problems facing working people.

He repeated his view that excluding the SSP from the commission was and is undemocratic and left a significant strand of Scottish opinion unrepresented.

Colin said : “As tax raising powers are devolved the block grant to Holyrood will fall leaving power still very much in London’s hands.

“On key problems facing thousands of Scots it has no real answer. No new power to tackle fuel poverty, introduce a desperately needed wage of £10 an hour or tackle the scandal of zero hours contracts.

“What the commission shows is the stark reality between its tinkering and spin and the failure to address the crying needs for jobs, fair pay and real change.

“It will not settle the increasing demand for independence reflected in public opinion since September 18th and underlines the SSP’s view that independence has not been defeated but deferred.”


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