Thursday, 18 December 2014

Scottish socialists continue to stand behind the Cuban Revolution

THE decision by the United States government to renew diplomatic relations with Cuba and to ease its illegal blockade represents a triumph for the Cuban people and the Cuban Revolution.

The blockade was designed to isolate Cuba  and strangle the economy bringing an end to the revolution. The volte face by Washington is evidence of the complete failure of this policy.

Today Cuba is less isolated than ever particularly in Latin America and although the blockade has inflicted great damage on the Cuban economy; the revolution stands strong. Despite this welcome step; much more needs to be done.

This includes:

  • The complete lifting of the illegal blockade and discussions around reparations for the damage caused. 
  • The full release of all Cuban political prisoners in US jails. 
  • The ending of US political and economic interference in Cuba’s internal affairs. 
  • The ending of the illegal military occupation of Guantanamo Bay. 
  • The curbing of Cuban terrorist organisations based in Florida. 
  • The tide of history is with the Cuban Revolution as evidenced by the growing number of left wing governments in Latin America which have established close relations with Havana. 

In fact, its stance on Cuba has left the American Government more isolated than ever in the Americas no doubt prompting the American decision. The Scottish Socialist Party stands full square behind the Cuban Revolution and will continue to campaign until all the above demands are met.

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