Monday, 1 December 2014

Scottish socialists to mount Westminster election challenge

THE Scottish Socialist Party executive has agreed to continue to make the case for Yes alliance candidates in next year’s Westminster election whilst starting the process of mounting an SSP challenge showcasing their distinctive policies against poverty pay, austerity and Trident.

Party spokesman Colin Fox said: “The SSP has played a key role in the Yes campaign with its distinctive policies on workers’ rights, equality peace and anti austerity and we are now starting the process of selection, planning and fund raising to put these ideas to voters next May.

“Building on these gains we have proposed a strategy of standing Yes alliance candidates in May and remain open to discussions on how that can be achieved. The SNP’s decisions to move in that direction is very welcome and needs serious consideration.

“The key issue in May will be to build on the Yes vote in Labour’s heartlands last September and expose the sham idea that voting Labour is a vote for change when in reality it is a vote for more cuts, austerity and weapons of mass destruction.

“The SSP has a clear set of proposals such as a £10 per hour minimum wage and replacing the council tax with an income based Scottish Service Tax to protect jobs and services which we will put to voters.

“The SSP has emerged from the referendum campaign with a bigger membership and a revitalised party with new branches and renewed confidence in our ideas which we look forward to putting to Scotland’s voters.”


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