Monday, 17 November 2014

Are the Tories making you poorer? Unite and demand a decent living income

THE Ayrshire SSP is holding its latest in a series of public meetings, on the theme of uniting to fight for a decent living income.

SSP regional organiser Richie Venton said: "It only took a week after constantly telling us we are all 'better together' for the Tories to unleash a war on the incomes of working class people. 

"Benefits, jobs, pay and public services are being slaughtered so that the richest company director in the UK can earn £31million last year! 

"That means he can earn the equivalent of a whole year's wages for a worker on the so-called Living Wage in the space of a mere 49 minutes! Inequality is at its worst ever.

"With benefit cuts set to drive an extra 100,000 Scottish children into poverty, and a new a report from KPMG confirming that 43% of all part-time workers are earning less than the Living Wage, we need to organise, fight back, and demand our share of the alleged economic recovery.

"This meeting will hear from the front line of campaigning for a decent living income for all - from an Irvine school student on the stark future she faces unless we defeat these attacks; from NHS worker and Unite trade union officer Jim McGinn; and from myself as a retail workers' union convener and the SSP regional organiser.

"Whether it's fuel poverty, food poverty or poverty pay, we need to unite in action to demand the fabulous wealth of Scotland goes to the millions who create it, not the parasites and millionaires.

"We appeal to local people to come and air their opinions about their own situation, and hear the case for measures like a decent, £10-an-hour Scottish minimum wage."

Ayrshire SSP public meeting:
Thursday 27th November @ 7.30pm
Vineburgh Community Centre, Quarry Rd, IRVINE

Richie Venton, SSP regional organiser;
Jim McGinn, local NHS Unite union chair;
An Irvine socialist school student.

For more info, comment, contact:
Richie Venton

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