Monday, 20 October 2014

SSP launches series of public meetings to demand Holyrood powers to resist Tory class war

20 OCTOBER 2014
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SSP launches a series of public meetings to demand £10 Scottish minimum wage and Holyrood powers to resist Tory class war

THE Scottish Socialist Party has launched a series of public meetings throughout the West of Scotland in the aftermath of the Referendum.

Billed as ‘Unite Against the Tories’ war on the working class - demand the powers to transform our lives’, the public meetings have so far been scheduled in Govan, Greenock, Shawlands, Dumbarton, Easterhouse  and the Three Towns.

SSP West of Scotland regional organiser Richie Venton, who is speaking at many of the meetings, said: “During the Referendum the SSP warned of the horrendous consequences of continued Westminster rule, by and for the rich. 

"But the Tories didn't even wait a week before launching all-out class war on workers and communities through cuts to benefits, pay, jobs, services and human rights. 

“So, we need all those who engaged in the mass movement around the referendum to unite against this onslaught.

"And one vital part of that resistance has to be the demand that the Scottish government be given the powers to transform our lives through measures like a Scottish £10 minimum wage for all over 16; reversal of the assault on welfare and benefits; abolition of all anti-trade union laws; and taxation of big business and the rich to use our national wealth for the millions, not the millionaires.

"We are furious at the undemocratic exclusion of the SSP from the Smith Commission on extra powers for the Scottish parliament - being the only one excluded of the six parties that took part in the Referendum campaign. 

“But we refuse to be denied the opportunity to voice the demands of working class people for powers that could begin to combat the obscene poverty and inequality that scars the face of Scotland. 

“Whilst most of the other five parties disappear from the streets after the Referendum - and in most cases were never there anyway - the SSP will continue to open our doors to people in working class communities across the country. 

“This series of public meetings is the next phase of empowering ordinary people to organise and change the face of Scotland."

For more information or comment, or dates and venues of public meetings, contact:
Richie Venton, west of Scotland SSP regional organiser on 07828278093 or


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